Digital Albums

Imperfect Id started their first music creations from distance. Their debut album ‘Maroon’ released in July 7th 2020, was created in both studios( Greece and Sweden) sending and exchanging sounds and ideas without the musicians been played together from close.
Their second album, released December 18, 2021, consists a series of improvisations that created when the duo-band Achilles Nasios and Nikos Koliousis met and played from close for the first time. For this reason the name of the album is ‘Primer Contacto’

You can listen and Download those albums here .

Achilles Nasios: Texts/ Voice/ Synths/ Magic Flute

Nikos Koliousis: Synths/ Samplers/ Programming/ Voice Fx/ Guitars

Editing & Mix by Nikos Koliousis
Mastering: “Maroon” Spyros Spyrou. “Primer Contacto”: Nikos Koliousis”
Art Covers: Grafic design - Yorgos Nasios - Photo ©Nikos Koliousis

Special Thanks to Panagiota Koliousi for the voices in the track ‘Η Χάρη της Μοναξιάς’ (The Grace of Loneliness)