Imperfect ID is a music band, founded by Achilles Nasios and Nikos Koliousis in 2020, as they both decided to seriously transmit the virus of music.

In June 2022, two more members contracted the virus and joined the band. Konstantinos Kilazoglou and Vassilis Kyvranoglou.

Achilles Nasios (Text/ Voices/ Synths/ Magic Flute) is a photographer, video-artist, writter and musician. Born in Greece, studied Fine Arts in Prague, Berlin, Athens and Stockholm. Since 2007 he lives and creates between Sweden and Greece.

Nikos Koliousis (Synths/ Samplers/ Programming/ Voice Fx/ Guitars) is a sound artist. Born in Greece, studied music technology and sound engineering in Athens. Taken part in various music projects as sound designer, recording and mixing engineer in Greece, Netherlands and Chile. He now lives and works in Greece.

Constantinos Kilazoglou (drums), is an Athens born multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and producer. He studied Sound Engineering in Athens and later on Acoustics and Contemporary Music Composition in Manchester, England. He has produced a number of albums stylistically ranging from deep house and hip-hop to heavier Post - Rock material. In his solo works - released under the alias “The Jovian Kid” - the stylistic range is expanded even more, from dub and lofi to synthwave and AOR.

Vasilis Kyvranoglou (bass guitar, vocals, percussions). He was born and raised in Greece. He is a musician and has been teaching drums and traditional percussions in conservatories since 2005. He is also performing as a singer and drummer in several groups.