Time to Get Up

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Time to get up* (Lyrics)

Times are changing
I’m telling you
Light is coming

You look me in the eye and I’m shy.
You look around
Where? You ask
I show inside
with a movement as natural as
As oblivion.

You wonder for a while
Like the grass meeting the wind
you bend
and you worship its step
and continue longing for snow.

I’m wearing the mask of truth
and I’m begging you to look away
so you don’t see what is happening for thee
You should only feel guilty
to the ancient plot
that will never appear to you
unless you lick the mud from her feet.

You breathe deep
You still breathe
You don’t know
In the absolute of ignorance
breathing slow,
but still breathing
Lucky you
having a breath
under the ruins
Like a dried plant
that continues to exist
without breath.
Breathing slow
Breathing still
It’s time to get up
and dance.

*Translation into English by Nevi Kaninia