The Song of Creation

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The song of creation* (Lyrics)

In the beat of boredom
the song of creation begins
Where nothing fills up with everything
while light comes just to reveal.

Through the deep incurable ennui
of time that does not cease
nothingness and the unstoppable
are born

What it was, is and will be
a creation
The last rebellion of simplicity is
to decide action.

Action is escape.

The route is flooding with the waters of the river
and we just wait for them to evaporate
to cross to the other side.
We get lost
It’s about time to build a bridge

Time to feel the pain of kids
who innocently tread in paths
not walked by us.
Nobody has ever walked these steps.

Time is our companion
not existing for himself
since yesterday today and tomorrow
are the same
nothing rolls and nothing changes
Nothing is born
and nothing dies.
Everything is now for him.
So now it’s time to play hide and seek
with our own unbelievable selves
waiting for a chance
to dance

It’s time to be silent again
in a cell of infinite knowledge
and to start from scratch
once more
As if nothing ever happened
As if we weren’t here
all these years inside the illusion
of the beast within
that we try to purify.
We stroke his ears
with advice
as if we are gods
that share willingly
the stars and the sky.

* Translated into English by Nevi Kaninia.