Ray of Wilderness

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Ray of Wilderness* (Lyrics)

Now days if I could talk about revolution
I would talk about love
that asks for nothing
and goes through everything.

I would talk about coherence of times
changes that clarify the strength of the ephemeral
about the world that I carry on my shoulders.

I would talk about the start that’s approaching
about the end that when it’s near
it redeems you
the beginning hiding in each breath.

Now, here on my own
in the heat of cold
in the light of darkness
I whisper to infinity
the need of Logos
The world is upside down
and it is suppressing us
paying no attention
to infinity
that unites us.
Like the snow freezing our fingertips.
Like truth becoming cold and
suppressing us.

Without caring for loves and roses
for plans and new dreams
Without songs
With a secret anxiety
beginning turns around
Love becomes a spell
losing all fights
and spreading all what is right
in a lonely place.

Our world is upside down, once more
and it unites us
Life is an embrace
that makes us strong.
Like vapor warming your fingertips
It makes us strong
Like a secret wish.

Without caring about pain and loss
Without pages long
and cultural stereotypes.
With new songs
when the wish is unveiled
Starting from the start
and love becomes a cult
gaining every single battle
while knowing to return to
a hug.

* Translation into English by Nevi Kaninia