The Mystery

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The Mystery* (lyrics)

We live in years of darkness
full of violence
and praise for the past
uncertainty for tomorrow
while nature
screams in despair.

Now is losing power
and disappears
sleeping in the arms of sadness
not to pay attention
to moments past
Torturing the collective unconscious
with ideas
with no reason for existence.
But they reason.

When I was a child
I remember
thoughts did not torture me at all
There was nature
There was light
and I was a little god.

Look there far off
Everything is gone
with the wind
And the feast became dust
And time became long.

Now fear is aiming like a stretched bow
A reminiscent of your inferiority
towards the approaching

But still what makes us sad
springs from joy
that did not enough breathe
so that she can last the dive in the deep

Spreading in the wind
a message made of smoke
was seen only by you.

Feels like a stone in your shoe
that aches as you go through
deeper and deeper
in collective memory
until with you
all is forgotten
And only mystery
is left.

Remember when you were a kid
Thoughts did not torture you a bit
Still there was nature
And you were a little god.

*Translated into English by Nevi Kaninia.