The Grace of Loneliness

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The Grace of Loneliness* (Lyrics)

In the abyss of the Word
Joy is hidden
In a labyrinth stuck
agonizing to wander back and forth

Bygone and forgotten
but still deep inside
waiting for your return
to the core of style

So many stars in the world
but only one sky
So many smiles in our lives
Like smoke.

Did you ever suspect, my friend
how everything would become an image
even the very human heart

Even Jove
the god of gods
feared man
and tried to stop him
by splitting him in two
Donating the eternal torture
of lack
the agony of lonesome
before it transforms to Loneliness

Dancing by yourself
Getting drunk on your own
You Die Alone
and Alone you celebrate

Feeling full Lonely
and then suffering alone
with others Alone
You only forget.

Forget about the gist
and forget about love
Wandering around
with you.

In its divine apathy
essence doesn’t care
just points the way to take
till you learn to love
till you learn to love
till you learn to love
till you learn to love…

* Translated into English by Nevi Kaninia.